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nousernamesicanuse: Hey I just want to say that you are a ray of sunlight that trickles in through my window that makes me have a great day. I love you and your blog so much. Thanks for being a blessing darling!

I love you too And thank you so much!

thegirlnamedsean: I'm really pale and have light eyes and light hair. Every kind of make up I try seems too dark.. Any tips???

Hey! So first off, I would suggest natural, pale colors for eyes like grays, soft pinks, champagne shades, and gray hues to name just a few. These colors make your eyes stand out, but don’t give you a washed out appearance. For blush, I would try pale pinks, light peach and apricot shades to bring a pop of color to your skin. Having light skin can definitely be a blessing when it comes to eyes because you can really emphasize them, but without all these dark shades or smokey eyes. For mascara, choose the darkest black. Stay away from colored mascara’s and even light blacks. In terms of eyeliner, liquid works better for porcelain skin than pencil. Liquid will give you a straighter line and you can do all types of fun things, like the cat eye or even just a natural look. Lastly, try to avoid bright colors, browns, yellows and anything too warm based. I hope this helps!

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